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Gerberas, originating from Barbeton daisies, are an economical way to add volume and impact to arrangements and bouquets as they use up lots of space. They come in a wide range of colours from whites, to pastels or in very bright colours. Gerberas with blue tones, for instance cerise or purple, are always a bit more fragile and more difficult to grow.

The gerbera daisy got its name after Traugott Gerber who was a German naturalist in the 1700s. Gerbera daisies are also know as African daisies, Barberton daisies, Transvaal Daisies and Veldt daisies.

The gerbera is regarded as an upmarket flower. It can be used as a single stem, or added to bouquets and arrangements to make a classy statement.

Lowensvlei has an excellent reputation for growing high quality gerberas with a long vase life.

International flower designers at an Interflora demonstration in Cape Town commented about Lowensvlei gerberas, ‘We like working with these gerberas because the stems are a lot firmer than those we normally work with overseas.’

Lowensvlei has also developed a special box to package gerberas and can transport 100 gerberas safely in one of these boxes to various towns and cities in South Africa.


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