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Daffodil-Narcissus – Flower Carpet – 5 bulbs p-pack


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Daffodils are bright and cheerful flowers that bring joy to your garden. Let this flower dazzle your space with glowing, trumpet-shaped flowers. 

Family name: Amaryllidaceae 

Common name: daffodil

Sun Exposure: Semi-shade 

Planting time: April to May

Flowering time: June to September

Dormancy time: November to March

Lifting time: December 

Type (true bulb, rhizome, corm, etc): True bulb

Mature height: 35-50cm

Planting depth: 8cm 

Planting spacing: 10cm

Lowest temperature: -20°C

Watering frequency: Water every three to four days for 10 minutes, provided it hasn’t rained. 

Position and soil: Dappled light is suitable for planting out daffodils. Loosen the soil to about 30cm and add compost and bonemeal. If drainage isn’t good, you should add sand. Mulch with compost. Suitable for growing in containers. 


May be harmful if eaten by humans or animals– Keep away from  children  and  pets.


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