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Dahlia Rejman’s Firecracker – 1 bulb p-pack


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Available on: September 30, 2024
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Dahlia Rejman’s Firecracker is expertly grown to bring a dynamic array of vibrant blossoms to your garden. These bulbs are certain to flourish, bringing joy to your outdoor space.

Fun fact: the petals are edible and can be used in salads for decoration.

There are about 30 species that originated in Mexico, America and Colombia.

Family: Asteraceae 
Sun Exposure: Full sun
Planting time: Once received, plant immediately
Dormant: May – August
Lifting time: July
Type: tuberous root
Mature height: 20-180cm
Planting depth: 8cm deep. Do not separate the tubers and roots from the clump. 
Plant spacing: 15-40cm apart
Watering: Every 3-4 days when planted in the ground for 10 minutes

Position and soil
Dahlia requires a well-draining soil, if your gardens soil has too much clay then add some sand and compost to improve its quality. You can apply mulch to the top of the soil to keep the moisture in. The plant prefers heat and enjoys being in the full sun. They can endure shade during midday which will decrease their need for water. 
When planting, ensure the tubers are pointed down. 

Further Care
The plant will do well with a regular feeding of Hadeco Bulb Food.
You might need to provide some of the taller varieties with a stake if they look like they are going to fall over. We recommend that you prune the plants back every now and again as this will promote further growth. You can maximize the size of the flower by reducing the size of the two buds next to it – allowing the central one to grow alone.
If you notice deformed/stunted growth or mottled foliage, the plant has been infected and should be discarded as soon as possible. As the season ends, the leaves of the plant may turn yellow, you can cut and break these leaves away.  If you would like to lift them, do it in July. Cut the stem roughly 5cm above the ground. You can then lift the tuberous root. If they were well fed, there should be an increase in the size and quantity of tubers around the crown. Do not wet the roots during this time.


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