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Gladioli – Morning Gold – 10 bulbs p-pack


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Available on: August 31, 2024
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The tall, stately Gladiolus we know so well are modern, large flowered hybrids derived from G. cardinalis, G. carneus, G. cruentus, G. dalenii, G. oppositiflorus, G. papilio and G. tristis. These beautiful hybrids combine the best attributes of these species and are easy to grow. They flower during summer at a height of about 1m and you can have them flower in batches, at specific times from early summer right up to the onset of winter. If you live in a frost-free area, you can flower these indigenous beauties year-round.

Family: Iridaceae
Common name: gladioli, sword lily, glads 
Sun exposure: Full sun
Planting time: September – December
Flowering time: November – February
Active growth: December – April
Dormant: May – August
Lifting time: July
Type: Corm
Mature height: 100cm
Planting depth: 3cm deep
Plant spacing: 15cm apart
Watering: Every 3-4 days when planted in the ground for 10 minutes

Position and soil
Gladioli look magnificent towards the back of a mixed perennial border. Groups of about 25 look best, although groups of 10 in single colours also make a bold statement. The soil should first be loosened to a depth of 20 cm. Hybrid gladioli like a compost-rich soil mix and need a full sun position to thrive. If they are planted where wind is a problem, they will need staking.

Further Care
Watering is very important and you must not allow the sub-soil to dry out. If you notice any harmful insects or fungal rust then you can treat it by spraying with an appropriate fungal spray.


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