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Kenzan Ring 120 mm


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Introducing the one-of-a-kind Kenzan Ring, boasting a diameter of 120 mm that grants you the power to effortlessly craft splendid and ethereal floral compositions.

Unlock the advantages of the Kenzan technique:

Experience the art of swift and uncomplicated arrangements, utilizing only a handful of blossoms or branches. Elevate your creations through the Kenzan’s ability to fashion minimalist displays, accentuating lines and visual dynamics. Champion eco-conscious practices with this reusable Kenzan, embodying sustainability through its enduring design.

Nestled within a sophisticated matte black case, adorned with a magnetic closure for an indulgent touch of opulence.

Crafted from premium materials: Tin forms the base, while Copper constructs the spikes, ensuring both elegance and functionality.

Maintain the allure:

Gently cleanse your Kenzan post-use with a dish brush or toothbrush. Leave it inverted on a towel, enabling proper drying between each use. Avoid prolonged submersion to prevent potential discoloration. Prolonged use might lead to minor substrate alterations over time.