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Ornithogalum – White (Large) – 25 bulbs p-pack


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Ornithogalum is an indigenous and long-lasting cut flower. The dainty white star-shaped flowers are clustered in an umbel atop a long and strong stem. 

Family name: Asparagaceae

Common name: chincherinchee, chinks

Sun Exposure: Full sun 

Planting time: April to May

Flowering time: September to October 

Active growth: June to August

Dormancy time: December to March

Lifting time: January

Type (true bulb, rhizome, corm, etc): True bulb

Mature height: 30-100cm

Planting depth: 2cm 

Planting spacing: 10cm

Lowest temperature: 0°C

Watering frequency: Water every three to four days for 10 minutes, provided it hasn’t rained. 

Position and soil: Plant in well-draining, sandy loam. Add compost, and work into a depth of about 30cm. Mulch with compost. 

All parts of the plant are poisonous. Avoid consumption by animals – Keep away from children and pets.


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