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Zantedeschia – Aspen – 1 bulb p-pack


Available on: September 30, 2024
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Zantedeschia Aspen is perfect for gardens with ponds and water features. Native to southern Africa and easily grown in pots, arum lilies are delightful in the summer garden. Boasting a wide variety of shades that range from ivory white to shades of pink, red and yellow, Zantedeschia is a timeless beauty that can be enjoyed indoors or as cut flowers.

Family: Araceae

Common name: Arum lily, calla lily

Sun Exposure: Full sun / semi-shade

Planting time: August – September

Flowering time: November – January

Active growth: October – April

Dormant: May – August

Lifting time: June

Type: Tuber

Mature height: 60cm

Planting depth:  4cm

Watering: Every 3-4 days when planted in the ground for 10 minutes. Water every 2-3 days when planted in pots.

Position and soil

Plant in moist, well-draining soil, with the growth points facing upwards, and the tuber flat.

Further Care

It is best not to disturb the tubers for several seasons. A top dressing of old manure can be applied in late summer. For best results feed weekly with Pokon Flowering Plant Food.


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