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Zantedeschia – Black Panther – 1 bulbs p-pack


Available on: September 30, 2024
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Zantedeschia Black Panther is perfect for gardeners looking to add bold blooms to their space. Native to southern Africa and easily grown in pots, arum lilies are delightful in the summer garden. Boasting a wide variety of shades that range from ivory white to shades of pink, red and yellow, Zantedeschia is a timeless beauty that can be enjoyed indoors or as cut flowers.

Family: Araceae

Common name: Arum lily, calla lily

Sun Exposure: Full sun / semi-shade

Planting time: August – September

Flowering time: November – January

Active growth: October – April

Dormant: May – August

Lifting time: June

Type: Tuber

Mature height: 60cm

Planting depth:  4cm

Watering: Every 3-4 days when planted in the ground for 10 minutes. Water every 2-3 days when planted in pots.

Position and soil

Plant in moist, well-draining soil, with the growth points facing upwards, and the tuber flat.

Further Care

It is best not to disturb the tubers for several seasons. A top dressing of old manure can be applied in late summer. For best results feed weekly with Pokon Flowering Plant Food.


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