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Zantedeschia – Ruby Tuesday – 1 bulbs p-pack


Available on: September 30, 2024
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How to plant, care for and grow Zantedeschia


Family Araceae
Name derived from Giovanni Zantedeschi – an Italian botanist and physician
Common name Arum lily, calla lily, varkore
Sun Exposure Full sun
Predators Bacterial soft rot (Erwinia) could cause tubers to collapse.

The Z. aethiopica is a true rhizome but all other species are tuber. There are variations in height and many hybrids have a shorter form for containers. They are indigenous to South Africa. At maturity, it will reach a height of 60cm.
Seasons and planting


Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec


Z. aethiopica can tolerate a range of soils (including waterlogged soil) and can be planted in or alongside a pond. The other species prefer a humus-rich and well-draining soil. Z. aethiopica can be planted at a depth of 8cm and the other species can be planted at a 5cm depth. There should be 30cm between the plants. The lowest temperature that Z. aethiopica can tolerate is -5°C. Other species can tolerate 5oC. The Z. aethiopica should be watered intensively and other species should be watered regularly.
Can be propagated by offsets or by division of tubers. The seeds can also be sown in spring. Seedlings will flower in their second year.


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